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Are you looking for Driving Lessons in Old Trafford?

Look no further, Passers Hub Driving School offers driving lessons Old Trafford.

We have Male and female instructors, who offer Driving Lessons in and around the Old Trafford area. We can help you gain that long due independence like we have helped so many others.

We have fully qualified Driving instructors (ADI’s) with many years of teaching experience. We can guide and mentor you step by step throughout your learning journey. You can rest assured and come to Passers Hub Driving School with full confidence as we do not use trainee Instructors (PDI’s), like many driving schools do. Always ask to see the Green badge which should always be displayed while the driving instructors is being paid for a driving lesson.

Are you nervous or have a communication barrier?

We understand that Learning a new skill can be stressful as it is, more so if English is not your first language it can make it further difficult and can sometimes put you off learning altogether.

We at PASSERS HUB DRIVING SCHOOL have MULTILINGUAL Male and Female driving instructors offering driving lessons Old Trafford, so please inquire if one of our instructors can speak the language you feel most comfortable with. This will enable you to learn with confidence without any confusion or hesitations.

All our instructors are well trained to deal with nervous and anxious learners, we will work with you very patiently at your own pace so that you always feel relaxed behind the wheel. Driving Lessons Old Trafford are very well adapted to your skill level, The driving instructors are very familiar with the roads in the area, so your driving lessons old trafford will be fun, exciting and comfortable.

Are you tired of walking your children to school in severe weather conditions? Driving lessons Old Trafford can change that.

We know it can be difficult to walk your child or children to school when the weather is bad. This is even more difficult when you have children that go to different schools and you must get them there on time. Why not make your life easy by driving them to school all warm, dry and comfortable? Passers Hub Driving School can help you achieve this with Driving Lessons Old Trafford. No more upside-down umbrellas or drenched socks!

Parenting is a full-time job, having a driving licence can make it that much easier for you and your kids. As it enables you to travel with the children without having to wait at bus stops for ages or having to consult the bus timetable at the weekends before you decide to take the kids somewhere. Simple tasks as shopping also becomes that much easier without having to worry about carrying all the bags home.

Passers Hub Driving School offers WEEKEND DRIVING LESSONS Old Trafford if you are busy in the weekdays, or if you prefer to learn after work, we offer EVENING Driving LESSONS too! So, there is no excuse why you can not learn to drive today.

If you have some spare time during the day when your child is at nursery or during your lunch break then our driving instructors can work around you to accommodate the time that suits you best so you can learn to drive. This will enable you can spend some quality ME TIME behind the wheel gaining a skill for life that will not only benefit you in the long run but will make a positive difference to your family life and work life.

If childcare is an issue, don’t let childcare issues hold you back!

It is legal to carry your child with you on your driving lesson if they have an appropriate car seat for their age. A little snack for the journey and a tablet / toy to distract the child is always a good idea also and off you go.

Have you a licence but not driven for a while? Or are you looking to Drive on the motorway?

PASSERS HUB DRIVING SCHOOL offer REFRESHER DRIVING LESSONS to help you regain your confidence on the road and tailor your lessons to target areas where you feel weakest, be it parallel parking or reversing into a bay in a busy car park! We can help you feel totally comfortable with it!

If going on the Motorway has always been your fear or have never been on one. We can help build your confidence on the motorway in a dual controlled car. We can work with you to overcome this and give a whole new independence to travel the width and breath of the country. We offer driving lessons on the motorway, pass plus, Refresher driving lessons to name a few. Call Us and speak to one of our dedicated team members who can guide you on the best service for your needs.

Has a previous bad experience put you off?

A lot of people are put off by their first experience of driving, be it because of the instructor the car they use or other road users making you nervous.

Every teacher has their own unique style of teaching. Instructors at PASSERS HUB DRIVING SCHOOL are highly trained and know how to adapt their teaching methods to suit every learner’s individually way of learning. We have a number of instructors and based on the information you provide us we match you up with the most appropriate one, so you have the best chance of learner while feeling really comfortable.

Don’t let others knock your confidence and give yourself another chance!

All our cars are dual controlled for that extra peace of mind so that you know that your instructor is in control at all times and they are trained to deal with those impatient drivers on the road to maintain your safety at all times so you don’t have to deal with them on your own.

Money problems?

We all have money issues sometimes, and although learning to drive is a one-off expense it can become very experience if not done correctly and the rights choices not made.

Your driving instructor will sit with you to discuss your affordability and will make your learning plan accordingly. For example, if you can only afford a certain amount of driving lessons within a month then they will advise you on how its best to arrange them. Instead of having two driving lessons in the same week and then having a massive gap in between, maybe they can space out your lessons, so you are learning consistently. Having big Gaps in driving lessons can sometimes set you back and you end up spending more due to forgetting what you have already learnt.

This way your instructor can set realistic guidelines for how long and how much it would cost so you can budget accordingly without having to feel burdened.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and speak to one of our dedicated advisers and book your driving lessons in Old Trafford Today.

Reminder of Benefits of Driving Lessons in Old Trafford with Passers Hub.

  • Our driving lessons are designed to the individual needs of our student.
  • Passers Hub driving School has one of the highest pass rates. Come to the experts when it comes to driving lessons let us help you like we have so many.
  • Block booking discounts are available so that everyone can afford driving lessons.
  • Our driving instructors in Old Trafford are all fully qualified ADI’s and not training to become a driving instructor like many other driving schools are offering.
  • We do not only offer Driving Lessons in and around Old Trafford, we also give all our student free Theory Test Training.

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